Thursday, November 11, 2010


After carving all those pumpkins, I was ready for the Halloween party at school. I was planning to dress up as a ballerina, as usual, since it's an easy costume, but my students didn't like that. Here, Halloween is strictly spooky; all my kids were vampires and witches and zombies and a mummy. When they heard my plan, they were clearly dismayed, though my suggestion to find a witch hat was also met with little enthusiasm. One child sadly told me, "well, that won't win the costume contest." I heard that all of the fifth graders were going as more normal things, like a soccer player, "but dead." I decided to embrace this philosophy and went as a dead ballerina, which was basically a simple ballerina costume with dead/zombie makeup.

We had quite a party, starting with academic stations, then a costume contest, and then dancing and snacks and games. We tried to watch the Halloween Charlie Brown to settle everyone down at the end, but we couldn't really hear it.

After we got everyone packed up with all the parts of their costumes and ready for break, all the teachers took a deep breath and went out for drinks.

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