Friday, February 18, 2011

Where in the world?

Not too many people back home know where I went for my Winter Ski Break. Egypt was too dangerous, Liechtenstein too expensive. So, in honor of Carmen Sandiego, where in the world is Kaitlin?
- I had a fancy bath today.
- I ate beets. I don't think this counts as a clue.
- I have been drinking apple tea for breakfast.
- On Tuesday, I visited a beautiful Mosque and a building that was first a Christian church, then a Mosque, then a museum.
- On Wednesday, I saw a palace and paid extra to see the Harem.
- I'm overwhelmed by the Grand-ness of the Bazar.
- I went to Asia for a few hours yesterday.

Any ideas? Need more clues?

1 comment:

  1. Istanbul! Glad you got to go, Kaitlin! I have wonderful and interesting memories--several decades apart--of my visits there...and a lovely, small rug, too. :-) Did you find a bookmark in the bazaar?