Friday, September 9, 2011

And... We're Back!

After nearly 3 weeks back, school has started again! We all survived the first (half) week with kids, and I have now met the nearly 90 students I will be working with this year. Routines are still being worked out and I'm constantly looking at my schedule, both my school schedule and my after school schedule, and wondering just what I've gotten myself into!

Some things have come back really quickly, like the bits of Italian I happened to learn last year. When I got back, I was surprised to realize just how much I had retained over the summer. Basic signs are easy now, and I was able to help some new staff decode a menu. Of course, menus have always been my strongest vocabulary area!

Answering questions for new friends has also shown me just how much I didn't learn the first time around. There are parts of the city left to explore, and I don't think I'll ever master the bus system completely, at least when they keep changing it every few months. What time's the next bus?

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