Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's a lovely day for a picnic.

Today was the first Agape of the new school year. These are monthly church potluck lunches and fellowship times, and this month was a picnic! The kids, and some of us bigger people, had a ball playing a version of Spherical Objects, then we ate. There was a ton of food still left at the end, even after we'd all had our fill. I made a corn and pepper salsa that I learned from a former awesome roommate, but the predominately Italian attendees of this picnic did not know what to do with it. Most just ate the salsa with a fork and had the tortilla chips on the side. I tried to explain at first, but decided it didn't really matter.

After food, the games began in earnest. There were potato sack races and water balloons, as well as a somewhat bizarre (to me) English game involving throwing an old boot as far as possible. I did not try, but this is apparently harder than it first appears. (Perhaps this could become a new aspect of getting The Boot in the Miller family?)

Matt's winning!
Resting afterward while receiving congratulations. 
 Somewhere among all the games was the tug-o-war. First, the kids were split into two teams. Then they decided that all the donne, the ladies, should play. My shoes were sadly too slippery for me to be of much benefit to my team, but I tried. After the guys had a turn, the kids suggested a girls vs. boys match. It was decided that the number of men should be limited, making it 4 to 8, plus all the kids. We beat them easily, of course.  Once they recruited the rest of the men of the church, us girls held our own for a while, but eventually fell. 

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