Monday, April 11, 2011

Pesche Aprile

In Italy, April Fools Day is called Pesche Aprile, or Fish of April. Instead of switching the salt and the sugar, people stick fish on each others' backs, kind of like "kick me" signs. The kids aren't very good at it. They'll walk up to a teacher and ask for a piece of tape, then a few minutes later, awkwardly pat the same teacher on the back. My students were not really into the process, but some of the teachers had entire schools of paper fish on their sweaters by lunch.

It was Friday and the weather was absolutely beautiful, so after school we headed out in the city. After a first stop at Zoe, we walked over to a nearby fish shop that was having an April Fish Day party. I drank a bright green (!) spritz and got "fished" by a student walking by with his family. The shop had fish stickers out and E left his soccer game with his brother for long enough to grab a few and stick one to my back.

I told him he needed to learn to be more sneaky.

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