Sunday, April 17, 2011

That's my life!

Yesterday, I was sitting in Piazza Unita, waiting for a farmacia to reopen after the afternoon break. I was alternating between just enjoying the weather, eating a snack, reading a book, and people watching.  To the left, one of my students was kicking a ball around with his brother and determinedly ignoring the fact that he saw me in public.  On my right, a young couple was playing with a toddler.  Towards the water, a group of tourists was learning about the post office building.

The next time I looked up, a middle-aged man was photographing the authentic Italian boys playing soccer in the historic piazza.  He wants to preserve that image of my student as part of his vacation memories.  I wonder if he'd be interested in taking my recess duty this week?

In the day to day stress of school, I sometimes forget that this life really ain't so bad.

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